Monday, May 02, 2005

Back from Open Space

Back from Open Space. Wow. I can’t get specific yet…it’s too fresh…I need some distance to integrate it…I can say that I feel about as blessed as a person can feel. It was an extraordinary environment to be in. I learned an immense amount about Open Space and many other things thanks to the generous spirit and genius of Chris Corrigan. I don’t think I know of a word to describe the working relationship—there was mutuality, fun, an intensity of focus and presence unlike anything I have known outside of serving at silent retreats, respect, space, and an amazing ease of flow from task to task…and freedom.

I did a lot of reading/studying/thinking/meditating in preparation for attending the event. Harrison Owen, who discovered OST, and many other OST practioners talk about grief work often playing a role in the aftermath of an OST event. And I am certainly experiencing something like grief that started almost immediately after I left the space. I think that my heart and soul know that Open Space is the possibility realized…a way we can be together in truth and freedom…that it brings out the best of who we are—when we are willing to give ourselves fully to the process. And I am in withdrawal, feeling the pain of not being in that space anymore…I want to live in Open Space… always… Fortunately I know that this is possible—and so a new journey begins…

Here is a picture of a lot of people working hard in Open Space (Yes, that’s a pool).

Working in Open Space
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Don’t believe me? Well, these 53 people self-organized 29 working groups, produced a 30-page report, and left by 1:00 p.m. on the second day with eight working committees with action plans and schedules to meet/connect again. (Yes, that’s a day-and-a-half!) In the process, they had fun, made new friends and connections, and generated a sense of renewal, hope, and faith. That’s Open Space. That’s what happens when you invite people to work with passion and responsibility. (in other words---mature freedom)

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