Sunday, May 29, 2005

One more hero

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John Jeavons, Executive Director of Ecology Action is a radical agriculturalist. He has been one of my heroes for many years. His simple approach to saving the planet--Feed yourself. Feed the soil. Conserve resources. If you have 1200 square feet you can turn to garden, you can feed a family of four with some left over for sharing or sale. (Remember you can garden up, along and in containers too!)

Another statistic that may surprise you...except for a couple of times in the year (spring planting and fall harvesting) the average workday for an agriculturalist is four many hours will you work tomorrow? And can you take your kids? We can slow down. We can step away from the unsanity and return to the natural rhythms we were evolved to thrive in. If only we can open our hearts enough...if only we can let go into the vulnerability...if only we can keep breathing through the fear and embrace the possibilities beyond it.

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