Friday, May 06, 2005

my new blog & synchronicity

Hi all,

Just to let you know I have started a new blog called one place most sacred. It's a photoblog and an experiment and a proving ground for an idea I have had perking for a long time. I have wanted to do something like a visual haiku...this isn't the full-blown idea, but is a first step. I am committing to take a picture a day, somewhere on our half-acre on Gabriola that exemplifies the beauty of plain ol' unadorned nature. I am adding a quote of poetry or other inspirational thought...mostly at know, wherever the page falls open...hoping to engage synchronicity.

I met a new friend, Toni Crawford, at the Open Space event last week. She shared with me her definition of synchronicity and I find it rather compelling. She said, "Synchronicity is Spirit acting anonymously." Cool, eh?

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