Wednesday, April 01, 2009

More on Coral vMeme

More thoughts on Spiral Dynamics emergent Coral vMeme. Inspired by comment on my original post from tenzwarszawy:
...for me Coral would somehow reflect selfishness of Red but on different level where Self is wider and organizing systems according to it's needs would mean setting new standards, paradigms or system metacomments and playing with them with full respect of others needs.
So it is a selfish game but on the level where self is wider than individual ego structure - it's like discovering divine possibilities of mankind reflected in singular entity.
Curious what you think.
The way i see it emerging is this:  Yellow is Survival meme transformed.  This is where all systems are coming online; all 16+ senses are re-awakening to allow us to connect to immanent dangers and act for survival of self, species, planet.  Awareness of transpersonal self, holonic free-agent functioning within holarchies.  Turquoise is transformed/transpersonal tribalism.  This is being enabled by social media.  We are seeing the arising of holonic/holarchical clans within a global tribe consciousness. 

So Coral, to me is transformed/transpersonal Warriorship.  What you are talking about as the wider sense of self i think is captured by the anarchistic flavour and the following: "Seeks only to express the intent of the energy of the Universe as expressed in personal acts of presence, art, movement, love".  This is the fully integrated ego--not transcended ego as many current practices and teachers are promoting, but the integrated ego--the divine experience as body, as human.  There is moral fire here.  As Marilyn Hamilton coined it to me, "it's the Kick Butt meme".  This is warriorship transformed to guardianship.  Warriorship arising as and from Being.  And the butt is kicked with love in alignment with flow of Being Consciousness. 

I like the way you put it:  organizing systems according to it's needs, but with full respect of other's needs.  This is the holonic nature.  A lot of folks are talking about autonomy and radical autonomy in regards this;  i challenge this.  Autonomy precludes the essential integration of interdependence of the transpersonal perspective that is online for this vMeme.  I am preferring to refer to this quality as mature-evolved-Being-centered-holonity. There is definitely, as you point out, a solid sense of unique personal center AND a full integration of interdependence and connection to Being.  That is the phenomenon i find present in Aikido.  This nurturing of both the unique center and a profound capacity to connect at the level of essence with the other. Language can still fail me.  If you haven't experienced it, i invite you to look for a good dojo near you and try it out.  (Look for a lot of smiling.  That's the hallmark of good Aikido.)  Sorry, gotta promote the art whenever i get a chance.  

Would love to deepen this conversation.  I can tell there is a lot more here if i had a reason to think about it further--and others to think with :)

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Great post for our people in Brazil! We are experiecing a very deep crisis...