Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Coral vMeme emerges?

Since taking training in Spiral Dynamics with Don Beck a year ago, i have been on the lookout for the first signs of the emergence of the Coral vMeme. I have noticed that there is a parallel between the other first and second tier vMemes. The first tier Beige vMeme is a survival consciousness. Studies of the few extant beige cultures left on the planet have revealed (according to Don Beck, i haven't found a reference for this yet) as many as sixteen senses functioning, including things like remote viewing. We are seeing a re-emergence of these senses in the yellow second tier vMeme. As yellow evolves and expands, in my growing opinion to our bodies innate response to a sense of threat, not so much to the individual as to the species and biosphere. Turquoise echoes Purple. So i am proposing that Coral will echo Red.

If Red is the vMeme of Warriorship, Coral is the vMeme of Guardianship. I am proposing that this vMeme is emerging as a second tier response to the threat posed to life conditions by increasingly Red activity across the planet. I am seeing these traits emerge in advanced practitioners of Takemusu Aikido. My initial explorations are below. Are you seeing these traits anywhere in your experience? Is there any resonance for you?

Coral Vmeme Proposal

The Guardian Self

Sees self as connected to Universal energy, love for all beings, entrusted to guard life in all its forms. Conflict is seen as a path to harmony. Seeks confluence with energy of others and energy of environment. Sees relationships (power & interpersonal) as inter-related ecology of relationship with other radiant, charged, vibrating beings. Does not seek power over others. Does not seek power with others. Seeks only to express the intent of the energy of the Universe as expressed in personal acts of presence, art, movement, love--guardianship. Life and death are approached with an attitude of non-attachment and joy. The core motivation is Service: to the Universe, to others, to life. Body and mind function as an integrated system. Multiple intelligences and expanded senses are fully developed. Learning and work are both expressed as play. Intention forms the core of all action. Anarchistic.

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