Monday, March 30, 2009

Web 3.0

Just can't stop now i'm started :).

I've been volunteering with a new social change initiative called Sound Connections.  Their website will be up shortly.  We've started with live meetings: Open Space Tech in a Whole Person Process wrapper.  The idea is to create a platform to connect social entrepreneurs with each other and with those who have the skills and passion to support them.  

What i've noticed:  a new trend that i call web 3.0.  We connect online to others who share our passions via web 2.0 social networking tools, then these connections become real-world as we meet in person, or create real-world projects that affect the lives of others.  I love this pattern.  It feels like the maturation of the promise of the internet.  What could have become isolating is becoming a powerful tool for real world transformation and relationship.

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