Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Road to Moscow part 1

So here I am, sitting in the cafeteria of the Queen of Oak Bay on my way to Vancouver. I left home in a cab this morning, the car having lost a brake cylinder yesterday—Oh Murphy loves me yes he does! So the journey began at 9:30 am PST. I took the 10:05 am ferry (Quinsam). This is the 12:50 ferry to Horseshoe Bay. I’m off to get my bus ticket in a few minutes that should take me all the way to the Airport (YVR)

Leaving was difficult. The boys were all sad that I was going and I felt badly about having to leave in the taxi and not be able to set our own time and pace. It has been a difficult decision to go to Moscow and I still feel somewhat conflicted about it. I’m not sure if either the boys or I am ready to be away from each other for this long. I’m sure the exhaustion of the last week isn’t helping me cope as well as I might either. The trip is truly under way. And I know that the anxiousness I feel now will slowly ebb into a growing excitement.

I am practicing my Cyrillic in an effort to be able to make sense of signs and such. I’ll catch up on some sleep on the bus. I may try and make a podcast of the journey. Either way, see you later.

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