Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dreaming in The Green Room

green room cover

Well, it's my 17th Wedding Anniversary today (and 20 years of being together) and George is working the afternoon shift on the boat. So...I am consoling myself by spending some time with the work of someone else I love dearly, my friend and colleague K. Louise Vincent. K. gifted me with a copy of her new chapbook of poetry very recently, The Green Room. I love that more and more often now poetry is being published in handmade chapbooks. The love, care and attention that has been put into the making of this book is palpable--it seeps into my fingers as i turn the pages--reflecting the love and care of the poet. As my friend Tim Landers writes into the copywrite statement of all of his chapbooks, "Do not reproduce without love."

With K's gracious permission, I will share a bit with you from the poem, A Fine Line:

The future is dark, which is on the whole,
the best thing a future can be, I think.
~ Virginia Woolf

As in inscrutable--
not terrible

As in transparent--
as in all the beauty

As in grief from left field--
knocking her flat

As in somewhere between
naked and protection

As in tree frog, as in child--
as in a fine line


This holding back from the sweet
receptive earth inside

is madness. This morning
she will be easy

with what is human. She will write
these words. She will remember

to dream. And dreaming is the one thing
we have that's really ours, vulnerably

and unalterably, ours.


We need dreamers. She will write this
simply and slowly. Our capacity to dream

is linked in marriage to the green world.
Dreaming is natural, is necessary.

Dreaming is non-strategic
space. Seeing the world as it is.

Dreaming is the deepest way
of thinking. Co-emergent wisdom.

Before language dreamed
endlessly in green.

Anything natural bends, trees
are complete circles.

~K.Louise Vincent

Ahhhh. Trees are complete circles. And our breath. And the space between us--all the beautiful open space.

Peace and love to you all, dear ones.

PS: If you are interested in K. Louise's work, please email me for contact info. The Green Room is published by Leaf Press, Lantzville, BC, Canada, 2005.

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